Q: What’s your return policy?

A: I understand that at times something comes up and it is difficult to continue taking lessons. I will gladly refund the balance unused money.


Q: Do you guarantee passing the test?

A: No. No one can guarantee passing the test. The test is conducted by RMS and your passing totally depends on how you drive in those 45 minutes in front of your examiner. Your driving capabilities with your Supervising driver or your Driving School Instructor does not count towards the points in the test.


Q: How many lessons would I need to learn to drive?

A: You will need a maximum of 10 lessons to learn to drive confidently. In fact I can guarantee that in 10 lessons you will be test ready.


Q: Do you have cancellation charges in case I am unable to take a booked lesson?

A: Mates don’t charge cancellation charges. Neither do I. If you cannot take a booked lesson, let me know as soon as possible and we will re-schedule.


Q: If you reach late, will the lesson be shortened?

A: No. If I reach late, your lesson end time will get extended and will finish late unless you have prior commitments and cannot extend. In that case, your next lesson will extend by that many minutes.


Q: What is the duration of each lesson?

A: Each lesson is of 60 minutes duration plus any paper work at the end of the lesson if needed. Most of my lessons extend by 5 to 10 minutes. Therefore, for each lesson keep around 75 minutes in hand.


Q: While practising with my parents or supervising driver, if I come across any questions can I call you to clarify or do I have to wait for my next lesson?

A: There are no time barriers with mates. Same with Lets Drive Mate. Call me anytime and if I don’t pickup, leave a message and I will call you back.  Or send a text.


Q: Can I have the lesson in my car?

A: Yes you can but only after you or your Parents / Supervising Drivers can convince me that you are able to drive without any hands on assistance.


Q: Can I use your car for the driving test?

A: Yes you can but before booking please discuss with me regarding days and time of availability.


Q: I would like to book the 10 lessons package but I am unable to pay the entire $500 at a time. Do you have any payment plans.

A: Well, I don’t have any fixed payment plans. But let me know and we will work out a plan which would be convenient for you. You focus on learning I will focus on your payment plan.


Q: Which areas do you cover?

A: Northern Beaches of Sydney – All seaside suburbs from Manly to Manly Vale. Inland Suburbs would include Frenchs Forest, Forestville, Belrose.